I'm Dan Lupo, a designer and web developer with a passion for creating unique & effective solutions for just about anything... but most of all branding, design and web development.

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Space: area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied. What can be done with space? In the design sense, anything.

Advertising & Branding

Rocket Ship and Space Suit. You have a product or service that needs to rise above the stars, I am the person who can provide you with the tools you need to get there. From logo, to flyers, ads, and websites, I create the whole package tailored to your project.

Laser Guns and Light Sabers. My tools of choice are Photoshop and Illustrator, but as you may learn later on I rely on and exploit various others.

Web Design & Development

Boosters and other goodies. From scratch, I build intuitive and functional websites. Having a background in advertising I am also consistent in portraying the product and brand in a balanced fashion.

Plasma Fuel. PHP and MySQL, Javascript and jQuery, HTML and CSS, are some very powerful combinations allowing to create just about anything.

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Some of my work

Web Samples

Vol de Nuit

Vol De Nuit - Offering luxury travel accomodations. View the site here.


Randonneige - A renoun snowmobile rental business based in the Laurentians. You can also view the live site here.


MB Tech - MB Tech is a Montreal based IT enterprise. This site was developed while working with Starmedia.

Dominican Pass

Dominican Pass - This mock-up was created for a Dominican Republic based travel agency. The site is currently under development by a local team there.


Haluzina - Was a project in which I was envolved, we created lamps and other decorations, you can view these in the Arts and Crafts samples below.


Imago - Provides professional fly-fishing gear, the site is currently being developed by Starmedia.

Advertising Samples

Land Rover

Landrover (Autobritanica LTD) - The Redefine campaign was created with the collaboration of a few people and prooved to be a success.

Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper - Creators of original jeans.

Mascara Bar

Mascara Bar - Prooved to be an excellent client, we had a lot of fun creating their identity and promoting their events.


Logo Samples

Logo Design

A few samples of logos I've enjoyed creating in the last few years.

Display Samples

POP Displays

I also worked a few years dedicated to POP advertising and many displays, this is just a small sample.

Other Samples

Arts and Crafts

Lamps, drawings, photos, some of the things I enjoy doing.

About me

Origine : Planet Earth

Species : Human

Experience : Web Design, Advertising Design, Web development, Industrial Design.

Habits : Shower every morning, up late in front of computer every night, eat mostly healthy, have an occational burger, should exercise more.

Hobbies : Photography, Guitar playing, Biking, RC helicopters, cooking, frisbee.

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Web Projects

One of the first things many of want to know is "how much its gonna cost?". Unfortunately that is not the first thing we can know, so bear this in mind: a website is like a vehicle, it could be a car, a limo, a 747, or a bike, in essence they all do the same thing but with different capabilities and different costs. So before anything, first, define what your needs are, what are the things that your site must have, and what would be cool to add to that. Second define a budget, ok you want to get the best deal possible but even then you should know whats your limit. Knowing these things will save you time and money. Sharing them with your web developer will help him find solutions that can get you started in the best way possible.

Websites are living things, they can evolve, flow, speak, show, remember and sell just about anything, but the one thing they do not have is a heartbeat, and that's where you and your web developer come in. Say today your business is starting, your budget is small, you start with a simple website, as simple as they come. Sure it is not fancy or elaborate but it must communicate information relevant to your business model and your clients. But if you post FAQs today, are those still relevant 3,4,6 months from now? Probably not, so be sure to keep your information up to date, weather through a CMS or plain HTML. Once your project is rolling and you can allocate a more important budget for your website, you can always redesign it and bring it up to date. Note though that if your business model is an online business, then there are no shortcuts, just as you cannot open an airline company with a fleet of bicycles.

Communication & Branding

Logos, Brochures and Ads are wonderful things that sell your product or service and make it memorable; this is how we brand. A creative piece of communication will engage more people than typical advertisements, however the creative effort thats put behind could be very time consuming, but extremely rewarding... I can go on for days.

Define your objectives, research your competitions communication, and get as close as you can to being able to describe what you want. One of the greatest challenges for designers and agencies is to estimate how long it will take to execute each project, and the less you, the client, know about what you want, the more time we assume will be needed. All to often clients want to leave all the work for the creative and we hear things like "impress me" or "surprise me", which I admit could be a lot of fun, but usually once those first ideas are presented thats when a client gets his or her ideas.

I would suggest one of two appproaches. The first: know what you want and be envolved in the process. This will help everyone, and in my experience the results are always better when there is a good collaboration between client and designer. The second: accept your limitations in understanding what design approach you need and investing time being envolved and let your designer guide you, if there are requirements that arrise later (such as adding a note, a date, using a specific word, or specifying a feature) let your designer decide how these should be integrated, that way the design remains consistent.

All to say "communicate". Most designers are not out there to screw you, so be open about your exact situation, needs and budgets, respect your designers time and creativity, and you'll see that in the end this will pay off, because you will get the best for your money, and everybody will be happy with the work.


Please be detailed about your inquiery. If you are contacting me about a project please have a budget in mind, this will save us a lot of time, you can read more about how in the thoughts section of this site.

You may also choose to contact me by email. If so feel free to use the following address:

Email: contact@danlupo.com